Four for Festival '24 Appeal & Consultation

Following the success of the Festival in August 2022 the Events Committee need to make a decision by the end of October 23 to proceed or not for the year ahead.

The festival continues to grow in popularity, drawing we believe c10,000 visitors in 2022, raising £23k for village groups with 18k directly to the Events Committee. The Festival brings the community together, supports our local small businesses and puts us on the map!

It’s essential that before we proceed with a huge time commitment and significant upfront costs, we feel confident that the event is supported by the village and can be run safely and financially sustainably.

In order to better balance the number of attendees, we ideally need to move back to a 3 day festival. This significantly increases the load on our small loyal group of volunteers. We urgently need pledges of support, hence the “Four for Festival ’24” campaign.

We are asking all villagers to commit to help for a block of  4 hours over the festival weekend (basically a single morning or afternoon) principally to run the car park (rain or shine) but also to increase field stewarding. Once you have done your “Four”, you are free to enjoy the event with your friends and family – unless you wish to help in other ways.

Please complete the survey link with your pledges and / or feedback on whether the event should overall take place.

On 24th October at 7.15 we have an open village meeting to discuss Festival ’24, everyone is welcome. 

If we do not have firm “Four for Festival ’24” pledges from 50 people in the village by the end of October or find an alternative solution, we will not be able to run Scarecrow Festival again as we will be unable to operate safely.