How To Make A Scarecrow

How to Make a Bird Scaring Device For Dummies (or Scarecrows!)

How to make a Scarecrow - based on a guide prepared by Angela Growden.

Decide in advance what character your scarecrow will be, leaving time to collect clothes and any props you want to use. (You can make any scarecrow you wish, but it needs to be in the competition to be judged for a prize).  

1) Purchase straw – most farms will sell a bale big enough for 6 scarecrows for £3.50.  Sharing with neighbours is a good idea. 

2) Gather the things you will need: Twine / string; 2 long pieces of wood, e.g. broom handles for a T-frame; cable ties (or nails / screws) for joining the wood together; scissors; clothes – jacket / top, trousers / skirt, large paper or hessian bag / pillowcase / tights etc. for the head; paint, cloth etc. for the face.

3) Make the scarecrow! Here’s one way: (i) Join the wood to make a T-frame, leaving a short piece at the top to support the head. (ii) Using string as braces, securely tie the trousers or a skirt to the ‘arms’ of the frame. (iii) Tie up trouser hems with string, and stuff with straw. Skirts are just left loose. (iv) Make a head by filling with straw, attach over the pole at the top of the frame, tie securely at neck with string (v) Decorate the face. (vi) Put jacket or top etc. onto the T-frame. Tie up wrists with string and stuff with straw, leaving some sticking out for hands.

(4) Display securely – wind is a scarecrow’s worst enemy and it will need to be up for 3 days. You could: hammer the T-frame into a lawn; tie to a fence or drainpipe; hang out of an upstairs window; sit it on a chair (put T-frame through slats in a garden chair). Just make sure you fix it well. Also, people may want to touch the scarecrows, and even have photographs taken with them – attach everything securely so nothing falls off and spoils yours.

5) Feel free to play music to create the right atmosphere, e.g. if you do Postman Pat play the theme tune – children love this type of thing.

6) YouTube have very good videos showing how to make a scarecrow  

7) Belbroughton and Lubenham are both established scarecrow festivals with their own websites – have a look to get some ideas.  

8) Have fun and be creative – funny, witty captions always go down well, but please remember this is a family event!!  Once you have made a basic frame and head you can take off the clothes and re-make it in another theme next time. You should only ever need to make one basic frame to use over and over again. Good luck!  Please enter the competition – you could win a generous prize…


Below is a printable version of our scarecrow instructions